A Worn Path

A Worn Path is an audio art piece I created to convey an exaggerated feeling of anxiety that can be felt by females often while simply walking down the street trying to get from point A to point B. Often when we leave our houses we become targets for male street harassment. The ogling, psst’ing, smooching, unwanted comments on our outfits and bodies, requests for smiles… being a woman who already suffers from anxiety sometimes it can be too much, and that’s what I wanted to convey with A Worn Path. All audio was appropriated from various sources and arranged to create a short narrative. We’ve all witnessed, experienced, or perpetrated street harassment at some level, A Worn Path is a vignette into my, her, your, and our collective experience.

The title A Worn Path is appropriated from Eudora Welty’s short story, which has long been a favorite of mine. Welty tells the story of Phoenix Jackson, an elderly African American woman in the deep South. A Worn Path is an allegorical tale of Phoenix making the obstacle laden trip into town from her home. Phoenix Jackson is a symbol of strength, resiliency, and sacrifice – a trail blazer, and one of my all time favorite characters in American literature.

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