Covergirls: Easy, breezy, beautiful…

Covergirls is a photography series I created in response to the beauty industry. Women and girls are told that they need to “enhance” and even change their features in order to fit the ideal… but what is ideal anyway?



I used a self-portrait (selfie if you will) replicated it 6 times. I edited each photo successively making the second lighter than the first, the third lighter than the second, etc. and experimented with a few layouts.


Originally I pieced the images together in threes and intended it to be viewed in a grid type layout, but upon critique discussion I thought I’d also try a linear format which I’m happier with because the graduation from start to finish is much clearer.

Covergirls 4



One thought on “Covergirls: Easy, breezy, beautiful…

  1. Of the three arrangements you explored, I feel that the linear arrangement is perhaps the most effective. Here, as the viewer, to be visually confronted with the literal obliteration of the female figure in this search for the ‘ideal’, it is no longer possible to avoid confronting one’s own complicity in this violence. Your criticism here, is most apparent, and alludes to the irreparable damage caused by this unhealthy obsession.

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